Sunday, June 13, 2010

Now that's how you do "Inclement Weather"!

When brides tell me that they are planning on holding their receptions at an outdoor venue, I think that I worry as much as they do that the weather may not cooperate.  In fact, I had to move my own wedding indoors when a rogue wind storm came through 18 years ago!  All of the careful planning and everything you envision for your wedding comes to a screeching halt when you hear that fateful weather report and you see the first rain clouds.

However, I had the pleasure of doing two weddings this weekend where the bride put her foot down and worked around the rain to thwart the unexpected weather (I mean really, is it too much to ask for nice weather in June?).

This is Emily and Wes.  They had a cool wedding...both literally and figuratively!  But as you can see, they are both happy and smiling:

The reception turned out extremely lovely.  They set up tents, moved things around and it was all very romantic!  The reception was poolside and the steam coming off the pool in the rain was so beautiful.

We decided to use the couple's monogram on cupcakes which made them elegant and casual at the same time.

Shawn is the name of the other brave bride I mentioned above.  Coincidentally, her new husband's name is Shawn as well (perhaps that's fate, not coincidence!) We decided to borrow the fantastic monogram from the couple's invitations and use it on the cake as well: "S squared."

So, to all of those brides who fear that their beautiful receptions will be ruined by crazy weather, remember that inclement weather can be beautiful too.


  1. Beautiful cake....and cupcakes!!! Your fondant is perfect as usual!!! The flower scroll that an edible image? Stencil? It looks great whatever it is!!!

  2. You are so talented! Love your cakes.

  3. The cakes and cupcakes are absolutely elegant! Are the monograms on the cupcakes edible? Do you use an edible printing system? If so, what one do you use?