Monday, August 31, 2009

Black and White Done Right!

This was a topsy turvy cake for the cutest wedding ever! The bride, Madison, told me exactly what she wanted her cake to look like and it went so well with the reception decor. The wedding was held at the Salt Lake Hardware Bldg.---What an awesome venue! It has a very industrial feel, yet, extremely cool.

This was the groom's cake for Madison's Harley loving groom, Eddie, (his bike was even displayed at the wedding).

The flowers and table displays were incredible (created by Willow & Wildflowers in Bountiful). Here are a couple of pictures...

My sincerest congratulations to the newlyweds!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Surf's Up and Monkeyplay

This was an interesting week...I'm really surprised that I lived through it (thank goodness for Diet Coke and Junior Mints!). It was a busy week and the cake gods were not kind to me. My oven decided to quit working--guess it was tired too. Thankfully, I was able to have it repaired in time to finish my orders. I was really looking forward to making two of the cakes.

Only two weeks late, we finally celebrated our oldest son's birthday. He's been teasing me for awhile about making him a surfing penguin cake. Now, if you know Tyson, you'll understand his request, but suffice it to say that it totally fits his personality.

Please note that the penguin has a single pink candle sticking out of his forehead...Good times.

The other fun cake was for a sweet 1-year old named Kaylee. Her mom, Jeni, wanted to replicate one of her favorite toys...a sock monkey. The cake was banana (of course) and we made a small "smash" cake specifically for Kaylee.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Rockin' Week

This was a groom's cake for a couple named Tracey & Nick. It was fun because Tracey wanted to surprise Nick with a groom's cake at the reception and she was afraid that he would call and order one on his own. It was supposed to be a X-Box "Guitar Hero" replica, but the gamers out there will notice that it's actually a hybrid of the "Rock Band" and "Guitar Hero" controllers (that's what you get when you only have access to one guitar and pictures of the other!) I hope you'll give me a break on the accuracy!

This cake was for a lovely wedding at "Rose Sachs Gardens" up Parley's Canyon in Salt Lake. The design was inspired by one of Carrie Biggers' cakes of "Carrie's Cakes" in Sandy, UT. Kristin and Mike's colors were kelly green and chocolate brown. The cake itself was chocolate fudge and old fashioned vanilla with chocolate buttercream.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It begins...

I've decided that a blog is the best forum to share my cake travails, stories and photos. It's also an ideal way for me to give you background and extra details about some of the most interesting cakes I have the pleasure of, the Fondanista Files are born!

These two cakes were for a very nice couple with a huge amount of sport history! The Ute logo on the groom's cake matched the colors on the bride's cake...but somehow, I think the wedding colors were very intentional!