Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Surf's Up and Monkeyplay

This was an interesting week...I'm really surprised that I lived through it (thank goodness for Diet Coke and Junior Mints!). It was a busy week and the cake gods were not kind to me. My oven decided to quit working--guess it was tired too. Thankfully, I was able to have it repaired in time to finish my orders. I was really looking forward to making two of the cakes.

Only two weeks late, we finally celebrated our oldest son's birthday. He's been teasing me for awhile about making him a surfing penguin cake. Now, if you know Tyson, you'll understand his request, but suffice it to say that it totally fits his personality.

Please note that the penguin has a single pink candle sticking out of his forehead...Good times.

The other fun cake was for a sweet 1-year old named Kaylee. Her mom, Jeni, wanted to replicate one of her favorite toys...a sock monkey. The cake was banana (of course) and we made a small "smash" cake specifically for Kaylee.


  1. Julie you are so talented! I can't believe the cakes in your portfolio, they are awesome. I can see why you need an extended working area. You are amazing! Cute blog too. :)

  2. I love this monkey cake! Christine is a fan of the sock monkey and Patti has made her several counted cross stitch items! You have so much talent and always add some very unique!

  3. Awesome on the Cody cake! I love it! And yes Christine loves the sock monkeys. The boys think your guitar it better than a replica :) Way to go!