Monday, November 2, 2009

Indiana Jones and the Haunted Mansion...

I hope everyone had a fabulous Halloween! I'm still reeling from the thought of taking down my Halloween decorations (we go a little overboard) and getting out the Christmas decor. It's okay though, I have plenty of excuses for making cake and ignoring chores. Here is a fun Halloween cake which also doubled as a birthday cake.

The "haunted mansion" topper is made entirely of chocolate. I colored and melted white chocolate and poured it into panels and different molds to construct the mansion. I airbrushed it and dry brushed it with dark gray to make it spooky. The "wrought iron" is piped dark chocolate.

This cake was for my "all boy" nephew Xander, who is turning 6. He loves Indiana Jones and wanted an Indiana Jones hat. The hat is chocolate fudge cake layered with cookies n' cream buttercream.

My favorite part of the cake are the chocolate snakes! I made a food-grade silicone mold using one of my son's plastic snakes. I used modeling chocolate to make the snakes in different colors and then dusted them with edible color. Happy Birthday Xander!

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